When Trust is Challenged – Don’t Ignore the Signs

Have you ever thought that your husband might be cheating, or maybe had a dream of your husband cheating on you?

Infidelity on any level can feel violating and degrading. Even thinking that your husband could be cheating on you can be difficult, especially when you feel as though there’s trust within the relationship (even if he’s been exploiting that trust to his own benefit, at your expense).

While it may be difficult to accept, sometimes following your instincts can be the best start to uncovering the truth. Follow the warning signs outlined below. If you believe your husband is cheating, you deserve justice – call Beverly Hills Private Investigators for a consultation at (833) GO-GET-EM.

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How to Tell If Your Husband is Cheating

Thoughts, suspicions, and even dreams about a cheating spouse that often go unpursued are some of the earliest indicators that something isn’t right. Whether the suspected cheating is emotional or physical, detecting the early warning signs of infidelity is crucial. So… how can you tell if your husband is cheating on you? Unfortunately, statistics indicate he might already have done it. Approximately 50% of all men will cheat at some point in their lives, and Beverly Hills has some of the highest rates of infidelity in the country. With around half of all marriages ending in divorce, peace of mind in Beverly Hills is invaluable.

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Here are a few warning signs:

  • They’re unusually protective of their cell phone and they keep it away from you
  • Cell phone use has changed – more activity, more text messages, receiving texts at odd hours
  • Husband seems distracted, detached, or distant
  • He shows grand displays of affection followed by lulls
  • Sudden changes is your husband’s schedule
  • Sex is less passionate or he has less interest
  • Sex becomes more physical, less emotional

Other signs he may be cheating can include things like an unexplainable or unaccounted for loss of time during discussions of past events, or what his days at work might have entailed (vague details, stories not lining up, etc). Other indicators could include things like some erectile dysfunction medication that’s unaccounted for, the discovery or loss of items of clothing (sometimes unexplained hiding of clothes, or clothes “for business” left in his car trunk), or an abrupt change in sexual behavior (more or less frequent, wanting to experiment, etc).

With every case, early indicators may vary – however, looking back, the warning signs typically become clear as day. If you notice any of the above indicators, or have an otherwise unexplained gut feeling that your husband may be cheating on you, hiring an experienced investigator to discover the affair before he has a chance to cover it up is your best chance at receiving the honesty and restitution you deserve!

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Catching Cheating Husbands with the Latest Surveillance Technology

Unfortunately, with the rise of more convenient technology, cheating has become more discreet and more accessible than ever. The team at Beverly Hills Private Investigators is up-to-date on the latest surveillance technology, constantly adapting to fit the needs of today’s tech environment.

Our team utilizes an array of legal equipment like GPS trackers, surveillance drones, hidden cameras and more to acquire the information we need to catch the cheater in the act. Our ultra-HD cameras capture the evidence required for you to make your next move – putting you back in control of your life and relationship.

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If you’re suspicious that your husband may be cheating on you, statistically you’re just as likely to be right as you are wrong! Don’t leave your future up to the chances of a coin toss – hire Beverly Hills Private Investigators to discover the truth you need quickly, efficiently and professionally. Contact us, send us an email, call us at (833) GO-GET-EM or fill out our online surveillance request form to work with a team of licensed and insured investigators to discover the truth you deserve.

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