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Find Answers to Your Most Pressing Investigatory Questions

While an array of investigators serve the Beverly Hills area, finding the right investigator that’s qualified to handle your case can prove difficult. Multi-state investigative groups lack the hyper-local expertise needed to efficiently navigate the winding Beverly Hills streets, while former cops adventuring into private investigation as their retirement hobby lack the conviction and subtlety needed to perform surveillance and acquire evidence in a neighborhood where the slightest lapse in behavior could tip-off a subject that they’re being followed.

Beverly Hills Private Investigators strives to stand apart from the competition as Beverly Hills’ preferred investigative group. To ensure our clients are completely confident in our abilities, below are a list of common questions we encounter when speaking with prospective clients. Can’t find the answer to your question? Contact us today to speak with an investigator by phone or email at your earliest convenience!

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Q: What Sort of Surveillance Can Beverly Hills Private Investigators Do?

A: While we specialize in cheating spouse surveillance, our services extend well beyond the typical scope of most private investigators in the Los Angeles area. Whether you’re a business looking to perform surveillance on an employee you suspect of fraudulently filing for workers’ compensation, or an attorney looking to either locate or perform surveillance on an individual related to your case, Beverly Hills Private Investigators utilizes the latest in investigative equipment and works around the clock to provide the evidence you need quickly and efficiently.

Q: Why Should I Hire Beverly Hills Private Investigators Over Other Investigators In Los Angeles?

A: With over twenty years of experience exclusively in the private investigation field, Beverly Hills Private Investigators’ team of expert private detectives have developed an unrivaled knowledge of every vantage point, back alley and sidewalk throughout the Beverly Hills area. Licensed, insured and certified as private investigators, our strictly PI-focused background means our surveillance techniques are far more discreet and nuanced than ex-cops or other detectives. Having worked on case for numerous celebrities and high-profile individuals from Malibu to Beverly Hills and beyond, Beverly Hills Private Investigators has the track record to prove our claims.

Q: I’m a Celebrity / High-Profile Individual – Is BHPI Qualified to Handle My Case Professionally and Discreetly?

A: While other investigators may become enamored by a celebrity’s business or may disclose their client’s case to further their own marketing, Beverly Hills Private Investigators is steadfastly committed to the complete secrecy and privacy of our clients. Specializing in high-profile cases, the majority of our investigative work over twenty years has been spent working alongside eminent individuals throughout the Beverly Hills area.

As celebrities and high-profile businessmen and women commonly come under the scrutiny of the media and the constant stream of passers-by with cell phone cameras, complete discretion and secrecy is of the utmost importance for our work. We take every necessary precaution to ensure your case and business is never disclosed or even indicated to any unauthorized individuals. Curious to learn more about how we serve celebrities and high-profile cases? Give us a call today to speak with an investigator about the specifics and intricacies of our approach, which we don’t anywhere online or elsewhere!

Q: I’m Not Sure If My Spouse Is Cheating On Me – Should I Still Call Beverly Hills Private Investigators?

A: While there are some signs that can indicate that your spouse is cheating, it’s impossible to know for sure until we begin surveillance and analyze their behaviors more in-depth from an unbiased perspective. Take a look at our infidelity investigations pages to analyze the behaviors of your potentially cheating wife or cheating husband to see if your suspicions are reasonable. Should you find that your partner’s actions mirror those outlined by our resources, give us a call as soon as possible at (833) 464 -3836, or send us an email at [email protected]!

Q: I’m No Longer With My Partner, But Want To Know If They’re Active With Someone New – Can BHPI Help?

A: We will not undertake any surveillance request that’s tantamount to stalking. While messy breakups or relationship disputes can be confusing, hiring an investigator to “keep tabs” on an ex-partner’s sexual activity is not a service we provide, or condone! Suspect your current partner is cheating? Call us! Otherwise, don’t contact us to stalk your ex for you.

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If you couldn’t find the answer to your question above, send us an email or give us a call to speak with an investigator regarding your specific case, or to learn more about what services Beverly Hills Private Investigators can provide! Committed to the absolute satisfaction of our clients, Beverly Hills Private Investigators continually strives to remain Beverly Hills’ preferred team of private detectives. Call or email us today for your free consultation!

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