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Is Your Wife Cheating On You? Unfortunately, it's Likely

As the nation’s capital for infidelity, it’s an unfortunate reality that the majority Beverly Hills residents either have friends and family impacted by cheating, or have experienced it themselves.

Modern technology makes cheating easier than ever, and even easier to conceal and cover up. As a result, it’s likely your wife has already cheated on you, is toying with the idea of cheating you, dreaming about cheating on you, or making moves to cheat on you in the near future! This may sound alarming and unrealistic, but the statistics speak for themselves.

Half of all marriages still end in divorce, with up to three percent of all children born as products of infidelity (raised by their non-biological fathers without the fathers ever knowing!), so receiving proof as to whether or not your wife is cheating on you is ultimately priceless.

If you keep dreaming that your wife is cheating on you, notice suspicious behavior, or simply distrust the adulterous nature of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Private Investigators ideal team of professional private investigators to uncover the evidence you need for the peace of mind you deserve.

Quick Facts About Cheating Wives

While statistically men are more likely to cheat than women, the traditionally accepted statistics and gender assumptions are rapidly changing with the financial freedom many women are experiencing in a more socially progressive climate.

Here are a few facts about cheating wives:

  • Women are less likely than men to have a one night stand – however, they are more likely to have an ongoing, more emotionally in-depth affair
  • Cheating women typically cheat “up” – going for men with more money, status, and better looks
  • Wives are most likely to cheat with people they already know well – a coworker, friend, etc.
  • Cheating wives are more likely to leave their husbands following a ‘successful’ emotional affair
  • Wives view cheating as a solution to their problems, and often use cheating as a form of revenge
  • Women often use cheating as a form of self-validation – if she’s feeling particularly ‘hot’ as of late, look out!
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How To Tell If She’s Cheating

Cheating can be difficult to detect at first – often, husbands being cheated on refuse to accept what their gut is already telling them, believing their wives to be trustworthy and faithful… to a fault. If you’re having dreams that your wife is cheating on you, if your gut is telling you she’s being unfaithful or is lying to you, or if you’re noticing some behavior that’s out of the ordinary, it’s better to be safe than sorry – hire a professional private investigator to make sure your fears are just fears, and not your new reality.

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While different women exhibit different traits when planning to cheat, in the middle of cheating or following an affair, here are a few telltale traits to remember:

  • If your sex life is suffering, or she seems less energetic or interested during sex
  • She’s emotionally distant – doing household chores and maintaining minimal conversation, just enough to keep you happy without actually engaging with you
  • If she accuses you of being too nosy or controlling when you ask about who she’s with, what she’s doing or where she’s going
  • She’ll probably reassure you by telling you “I’m not cheating/have not cheated/will not cheat on you!”
  • She might accuse you of cheating to get you on the defensive – drawing attention away from herself

There are countless additional factors that can indicate that your spouse is cheating on you. Whether you’ve experienced all or none of the above traits, it’s still likely that your spouse could either have already cheated on you and (as women do) expertly concealed any wrongdoing for years without fail or is planning to cheat on you – without any indication of doing so at first glance.

How We Catch Them

Private Investigators in Beverly Hills often get a bad reputation for their lack of subtlety and experience – sometimes even catching the attention of your wife, immediately putting you in the line of fire! At Beverly Hills Private Investigators, our decades of industry experience, specifically in Beverly Hills, has given us an in-depth knowledge of all streets, alleys, clubs and estates throughout the area.

With our extensive experience comes the ability to perform cheating wife surveillance quickly and efficiently, without ever drawing the attention of even a single passerby. Through the utilization of advanced equipment like GPS trackers, drones, HD video cameras, hidden spy cameras and discreetly placed microphones, our investigators catch even the most sly cheating wives red handed!


Experienced, Fast and Professional: Beverly Hills Private Investigators

While our investigators are experienced in never drawing the attention of our subject, it’s important for you to remain relaxed leading up to and during our investigation – if a cheating wife picks up on your suspicion, she may double down on concealing their behaviors, potentially yielding minimal results from our investigation. Working as a team, calm and collected husbands suspicious of their adulterous wives and Beverly Hills Private Investigators catch cheating wives in the act!

Call (833) GO-GET-EM for your free consultation, or contact us discreetly at your earliest convenience via email, or through our cheating surveillance request form! Beverly Hills Private Investigators stands as Beverly Hills’ premier investigative firm, with decades of experience and a proven track record. Trust your case to the professionals proven to get you the results you need quickly and efficiently.