Child Custody Battles: The Power of Private Investigators

Introduction to investigations

Child custody battles can be emotionally exhausting, particularly when parents resort to dishonest tactics such as lying about income or engaging in deceptive behavior. In such complex situations, hiring a private investigator can provide crucial assistance. This article delves into the significance of private investigators in child custody battles, with a focus on cases involving contentious divorces, false income reporting, and the advantages of surveillance in revealing the truth.

Our take:

It is as simple as this.  Get proof of them working when all else has failed.  This most likely means surveillance.  Our surveillance investigators will get you unmistakable “ID” shots and video of the persons day to day!   Once at work, our investigators will do our best to get inside of the business with our covert cameras!  We go the extra mile to secure the proof you need!

Understanding the Complexity of Child Custody Battles

Child custody battles are fraught with emotions, and they often bring out the worst in people. In the midst of divorce, parents may employ detrimental tactics to gain an upper hand, including:

  • False allegations: Accusing the other parent of neglect, abuse, or substance abuse to sway the custody determination.
  • Parental alienation: Undermining the child’s relationship with the other parent to manipulate custody decisions.
  • Manipulation of financial information: Dishonestly reporting lower income or concealing assets to impact child support calculations and custody arrangements.

The Crucial Role of Private Investigators

Private investigators are highly skilled professionals who can gather crucial evidence and provide unbiased information to strengthen your case. In child custody battles, their expertise becomes even more essential. They:

  • Conduct thorough investigations: Accessing diverse databases and resources, private investigators verify income, uncover hidden assets, and expose financial discrepancies.
  • Gather admissible evidence: Documenting instances of negligence, substance abuse, or unfit parenting behaviors to present in custody hearings.
  • Establish a compelling case: By collecting evidence, private investigators help build a strong case that focuses on the best interests of the child, supporting your claims in court.

Exposing Deception: False Income Reporting

As a seasoned private investigator, delving into the realms of false income reporting has become a familiar but always challenging endeavor. When an individual falsifies their income, it’s not just about numbers on a paper; it’s a complex web of deceit aimed at misleading; reducing child or spousal support, evading taxes, or securing unjust gains.


Our role is to shine a light on these murky practices.  Call now to speak to a surveillance investigator.  We will show they are going to work and lying about their income!  Call to get started.