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Surveillance is Surveillance – Not at All

There are many different types of surveillances and different approaches to each of them.

Yes, the baseline is to find your subject, follow them, and document activities on video without being caught, but Surveillance for personal injury claims are going to differ from worker’s compensation claims, and both of those will differ from  cheating husbands surveillances

No matter the surveillance, we are your surveillance team. All of our cases are equally important, and we use top of the line equipment to get you results.  

Trust your case to the seasoned professionals at Beverly Hills Private Investigators, and receive the bulletproof evidence you need to come out on top. 

Is my spouse having an affair? The Tell Tale Signs

  • What makes you think they are having an affair?
  • Are they hiding their cell phones?
  • Did you find a mystery cell phone in the car?
  • Are they no longer interested in sex yet they have a new secretary and are now hitting the gym daily?
  • Did you find an extra set of casual clothing in the gym bag?
  • What are your end desired results?
  • Do you want proof to confront your partner or do you want to hold the proof for a rainy day?
  • Do you want a divorce?
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Inquiring Minds: What Clients Want to Know

Anyone who’s been in the private investigations business as long as we have will have been asked the following questions:

  • Who cheats most, men or women?
  • What happens after we catch them cheating?
  • What happens if we don’t get anything?
  • How often do couples file for divorce?
  • Do any couples recover from these “indiscretions”?

I’d like to answer the two questions I find most important. Today, is far different than yesteryear. Husbands cheat, and wives cheat just as often, but are better at hiding their tracks. I’m basing this on my 20 years of surveillance experience.

Luckily, when it comes to rebuilding a marriage or relationship after the affair, I’d say it’s possible. I’ve seen couples use the affair as a wake up call. I’ve seen couples go beyond the affair and analyze what got them to this point. So it is possible to recover, but it’s clearly a long road to recovery.

Cheating in Beverly Hills: Infidelity on the Santa Monica Boulevard

Seeing as Beverly Hills is the nation’s most saturated city with infidelity, it’s an unfortunate reality that you’re either being cheated on, or you’re the one doing the cheating.

Whether you’re north or south of the tracks, deep into The Flats, a celebrity or long-time Beverly Hills resident, Beverly Hills Private Investigators has experience working in every corner of the region on numerous high-profile cases of infidelity. With an in-depth knowledge of the area and its surroundings, our ability to track and record cheating individuals stands second to none.

If you’re looking for a team of experienced and discreet private investigators near you, look no further than the licensed and insured professionals at Beverly Hills Private Investigators.

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