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Cheating Spouse Surveillance

Surveillance is Surveillance! I think not. There are many different types of surveillances and different approaches to each of them. Surveillance for Personal Injury claims are going to differ from workman compensation claims to Cheating husbands surveillances. Yes the baseline is to find your subject, follow them, and document activities on video without being caught but the approaches differ. No matter the surveillance, Paramount Investigative Services is your surveillance team. We find all of our cases equally important. We use top of the line equipment to get the results you need. Give us a call today to discuss your situation. I’m sure we’ll dial everything in and get off on the right foot. Here are a few things to think about when hiring an investigator. What makes you think they are having an affair? Are they hiding thier cell phones? Did you find a mystery cell phone in the car? Are they no longer interested in sex yet they have a new secretary and are now hitting the gym daily? Did you find an extra set of casual clothing in the gym bag? What are your end desired results? Do you want proof to confront your partner or do you want to hold the proof for a rainy day? Do you want a divorce? Anyone who’s been in the business as long as we have will have been asked the following questions a lot. Who cheats most, men or women? What happens after we catch them cheating? What happens if we don’t get anything? How often do couples file for divorce? Do any couples recover from these “indiscretions?” I’d like to answer the two questions I find most important. Today, is far different than yester years. Husbands cheat and the wifes cheat as often but are often times better at hiding their tracks vs their husbands. (I’m basing this on my 20 years of surveillance experience) Luckily, when it comes to rebuilding a marriage or relationship after the affair, I’d say it’s possible. I’ve seen couples use the affair as a wake up call. I’ve seen couples go beyond the affair and analyze what got them to this point. So it is possible to recover but its clearly a long road to recovery. Paramount Investigative Services

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10 Things You Must Know About Infidelity and Cheating. “A good marriage therapist or a marriage education class can help lead the way. But be certain to seek help that is marriage-friendly.” The perfect example of a couple surviving an affair. We were hired by the wife of a famous business owner. She was able to gather that he was leaving work early and not coming home until late. She hired us to see what he was doing during the 4-5 hours that were unaccounted for. We were able to follow her husband to a Motel 6 where he met with a blonde female escort. After approximately an hour the two exited the Motel room. They left within five minutes of each other to try to conceal the fact they were together in the same room. After getting the same results on a second surveillance the wife was able to set up an intervention with him. He confessed to the affair and began sex therapy. The couple has managed to get over his sex obsession and now their business is now more successful as ever. Hey, we get it. Often times you aren’t sure what to say or what you’ll do. However, you do know the situation is distracting you from work and or living a healthy happy life. Let us help you get back to your life and help you focus on you. Once we start surveillance you will be glad your doing something about it. On a good note, if your wrong about the affair no one is the wiser. On a bad note, we find they had gone astray. Either way, it will help you face facts and make an informed decision. We understand how personal this is and that it’s your life. Let’s take the next step together. Hire Paramount Investigative Services today.