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Workers Compensation Surveillance

Our owner Ken Childs started in the industry performing workers compensation surveillance and taking statements. Those were easier times to perform surveillance. Today the level of difficulty has changed. It isn’t as simple as park across the street and follow them to work anymore. Today, people are hyper aware of their surroundings, and have a baseline knowledge of surveillance from their attorney’s, and the doctors there attorneys send them to. It doesn’t help that the claimant has the ability to research investigations their fingertips; youtube videos, books on counter surveillance, let alone the information provided on the deep/dark web.

Todays approach to workers compensation surveillance should be performed with caution and care. Its no longer the early 80’s or late 90’s! If time permits, we do as much background research on the subject as possible. Hopefully we find out if they are working or on vacation. This info will give us a good idea as to how to start the surveillance. No matter the neighborhood; Beverly Hills, Pasadena, to the most extreme neighborhoods of Los Angeles, each case is different. Beverly Hills has its own challenges because no one but the “help” parks on the street. The dangerous streets of Los Angeles have ample parking yet everyone is suspicious of drug dealers, gang members or something as simple as the investigators vehicle doesn’t belong to anyone they know on the street. (We’ve seen it all)

A perfect example of how sensitive cases are today. We recently worked a police officer who was out on a workers compensation claim. He is 35 years old, has 6 kids, owns a home in the desert, and yet is trying to become the next Hollywood stunt man! What a mess! So its is clear to us that; owning a home, having a wife who doesn’t work, and caring for 6 kids, that he is working. To add insult to injury, he has pictures of himself online where he is clearly built! So not only is he (in all likelihood) working, he’s also weight training!

This is a job for Paramount Investigative Services and their team of workers compensation surveillance experts! We deployed two investigators and parked approximately 1 mile from the home while the second investigator layed in the desert covered in camouflage. We observed the subject and wife depart the residence. Though he drove like he was acting out a stun scene, we were able to follow them 70 miles away to a festival in down town Los Angeles. On this day, we gathered videotape evidence of him standing for long periods of time, bending, stooping, and picking his wife up while hugging her! What a day! That afternoon we also observed a parking pass in the center consul of his car. This parking pass belonged to a strip mall that had a 24hr gym. The gym website had images of the subject and his wife working out at 4am! The following surveillance periods we were able to get videotape evidence of the subject working out! Case closed…. (For now)

Imagine what would have happened on this case if you sent in lesser experienced surveillance team? They would have parked within the small cul-de-sac and waited for his departure. They wouldn’t have made it as far as freeway without blowing it!

Our team of investigators has seen it all. We’ve followed people to work just after they told the Dr’s that they can not work. We’ve located a homeless person in Santa Monica who was in a wheelchair. We got video of him jumping out of his wheelchair and later selling it! We’ve followed people into gyms and got them working out. We’ve had high stakes cases where we were able to get them playing golf for 5 hours. We’ve followed people into junk yards and work on cars. We have also filmed a claimant push a midsize car down the street 100 yards out of traffic! You never know what your going to get. What is your subject up to? Working? Staying in or going out at night?

With that said, hire an experienced team of workers compensation surveillance investigators today. Call Paramount Investigative services to get your case started.