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Personal Injury Surveillance

Personal injury surveillance is a world of its own.  The stakes are much higher today than ever and they only seem to continue to rise! Today’s claims start in the millions of dollars to the TENS of millions of dollars.  These aren’t the claims from years ago that were a few hundred thousand and rose up to the million or millions.  Those days are long gone.  

According to the  
Bureau of Justice Statistics  
“Some of the most common types of personal injury lawsuits involve legal issues stemming from automobile accident, physician or surgeon medical malpractice, faulty products (e.g., asbestos, tobacco), and slip and fall cases.” 
  Today these cases need to be fought with hard work, determination, and a healthy budget.  Once a budget has been established, the attorney needs to hire the investigative team.  The attorneys MUST hire the investigative team and for obvious reasons: litigation support privilege and work product privilege rules.  Without these protections, the other side (who commonly subpoenas all investigative records, videos, and reports) will gain access to your investigation results and will be able to defend against them.  It is imperative that one has a legal team direct one’s investigation instead of having the client give directions.  

  Together the legal team and our investigative minds will be able to come up with ideas as to when to start the case. We will collectively determine what the subject been up to and most importantly, what are they stating they CAN NOT do. With all of that in mind, we will be able to get of to a great start.  
Videotape evidence and testimony demonstrating the subject lied are crucial in combatting these massive settlements.  In September of 2016, not only was I able to show the subject lied under oath, but the jury clearly received this information and sent the subject a message.  The jury heard that this young lady carelessly road her bike into traffic and was struck by a car. The accident did break her ankle and she would need a few surgeries to make her “whole” again. However, the story she and her legal defense team told was that she was hit by a careless driver and traumatized for life. She would also need several surgeries to rehabilitate her ankle and thighs. In order to do this, her team determined that she would need approximately 890,000.00 dollars. They further claimed the young lady was unable to work and was not able to perform sexually because she was embarrassed by the way her legs looked.  
Ultimately, we were able to capture video evidence of this young lady at work for 8 hour shifts. She stood for hours at a time outside of the storefront and one day she wore high heeled shoes. Not only were we able to tell the jury about our findings, we were able to show the jury a completely different story as to the subject’s conditions with video evidence. Our story was of a young lady who outright lied about her testimony on the previous day. Her injuries were clearly not as she’d claimed.  
The jury found her 55% at fault for collision and awarded her 125,000 dollars in settlement. This was a MUCH better outcome for our client than the 890,000 dollars plus the lifetime medical treatment her legal team was asking for.   
The above is just one of the many examples of cases we take on. With our comprehensive understanding that the dynamics of the modern personal injury claims have changed along with a healthy budget, we can and will assist you in verifying the accuracy of any individual’s stated injuries or claims.